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Customer Engagement Summit 2019 Presentation Download

WhatsApp & Co. in Customer Service

5 success stories and 10 key hacks

At the Customer Engagement Summit 2019 in London, International Marketing Manager Birgit Bucher gave 5 success stories and 10 key hacks on how to transform your customer care using messaging apps.

Your customers are all on WhatsApp, are you too? 70% of customers prefer to message businesses and the top messaging apps around the globe are now offering solutions for innovative, effective customer communication. Tools like the WhatsApp Business Solution or Apple Business Chat have created a new way for businesses to engage customers.

Modern businesses can use messaging apps to raise customer satisfaction, boost sales, and increase efficiency. Costs sink, customer care becomes more personalized, and businesses can connect to their customers on a new level. Find out why professional messenger communication is essential for today’s brands in our free presentation download.

Download the free presentation and revolutionize your customer communication!

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