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WhatsApp and Customer Service -
How to successfully use the most popular messaging app for your customer dialogue

Presentation WhatsApp and Customer Service


Why should companies use WhatsApp for customer communication – and how can they effortlessly integrate WhatsApp into their service mix?

Around the world, consumers say that they have more trust in a company when they can contact them via messaging apps. 53% of consumers even say that they’re more likely to shop with a business if they can contact them via messaging.

At the CCW 2019, Madeleine Steup explained how WhatsApp can be used for successful customer dialogue.


  • The rise of messaging apps – customers want convenience
  • Global statistics – are messaging apps a worldwide phenomenon?
  • Business benefits – higher customer satisfaction (CSAT), more sales!
  • Use Cases – how companies are already seeing the benefits of messaging app communication
    and more..

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