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Direct sale of products via WhatsApp chatbot


The e-commerce company Wish is known for the most crazy and unusual products that you wouldn’t think of otherwise.

For the important e-commerce season around Christmas, Wish has come up with a clever marketing campaign on WhatsApp. The shopping chatbot “Willi, the Christmas elf” helps customers find the perfect gift.

Learn how Wish sells products directly through WhatsApp with their chatbot promotion.


Exclusive Insights:

  • Challenges: WhatsApp marketing campaign at Christmas to drive awareness and sales
  • Concept and implementation: Use of a WhatsApp chatbot as a gift inspirer with connection to the product catalog.
  • Successes: direct sales via WhatsApp, Ø 9 product views per user

“What totally fascinated me about the project is that I, or anyone without a software engineering background, can build a chatbot.”


Stefanie Kunze, Marketing DACH at Wish

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© 2020 MessengerPeople