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Reaching 90% Open Rate and 60% Click-Through-Rate with iMessage Newsletter

Every company is looking for ways  to best reach their customers. The challenge is to stand out from all the competition, and be able to communicate on a very personal and individual level. Companies spam their customers with e-mail newsletters that rarely get opened because they end up either in junk or in the samefolder with all the other e-mails.  

stylink has started the journey with MessengerPeople working mainly with WhatsApp newsletters but while expanding to new countries they realised that iMessage newsletter is also a great option. The open rate is as good as the one of WhatsApp messages, and the costs of an iMessage newsletter are equal to zero.  

Find out how stylink is succeeding internationally and growing their customer base with the help of iMessage newsletters. 

Exclusive insights:

  • Challenges: Finding the right and most effective channel to communicate with new customers when entering a new market.
  • Concept and implementation: Reaching out to customers (influencers) through iMessage newsletter. 
  • Successes: fast growing customer base, continued personal contact, high newsletter open rate

When we send newsletters to our iMessage contacts, the click-through rate reaches over 60%. 


Kara Dilling, Business Development Manager, stylink 

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