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Effective recruiting process with WhatsApp chatbot

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The shortage of skilled workers and young talent on the labor market now affects almost all industries. Companies and organizations must not only reach the best applicants, but also recruit them quickly and effectively.

With Messenger communication, recruiters are right in the phone book of potential employees and can significantly speed up the recruiting process by communicating directly and quickly.

Learn how Manpower Group is automating the application process with its Messenger service and using a chatbot to reduce the workload on its recruiting team.


Exclusive insights:

  • Challenges: High email volume, expense of phone service
  • Concept and implementation: use of WhatsApp as a personal consulting, service and application channel with chatbot
  • Successes: increased response rate in the recruiting process, significantly reduced email volume and reduced workload for the team

Up to 70% of applicants come via WhatsApp. The dropout rate in the chatbot is very moderate.


James Groh, Digital Coordinator at Manpower

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    © 2021 MessengerPeople