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WhatsApp shopping chatbot for direct sales and efficient customer service

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Khimji Ramdas is a leading company in the Sultanate of Oman, representing more than 100 leading global brands of all kinds for consumer products.

The question was how Khimji Ramdas can implement that the products of its various brands could be found and ordered by customers even faster and more up-to-date than before.


Exclusive insights:

  • Challenges: Faster and more up-to-date providing of products of the different brands
  • Concept and implementation: Implementation of a WhatsApp chatbot with connection to the product catalog
  • Successes: High traffic and increase of direct purchases

The new WhatsApp shopping experience is so easy! Just choose, select, place your order and pay.


Jayesh Kharva

Khimji Ramdas Information Systems

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