Case Study

Low Customer Acquisition Cost and increased conversions with WhatsApp

A company that is growing at a high speed needs to deal with an increasing number of customers and a way higher number of incoming requests and inquiries. This is the time when the customer service should not spend time in long calls and answering repetitive questions. Their time should be planned effectively and on cases that require in depth help.

The Spanish E-mobility start-up GOMEEP provides delivery drivers  as well as end-users e-bikes to rent and needed an efficient channel to organize and support them.

Exclusive insights:

  • Challenges
    High volume of incoming requests and inefficient verification of new customers
  • Concept and implementation
    Full onboarding process via WhatsApp and FAQ chatbot
  • Successes
    Fast growing customer base, lower customer acquisition costs, high customer satisfaction.

With the chatbot solution and the WhatsApp Business API, we were able to stick to our customers’ favorite communication channel, while at the same time, handle incoming requests faster.


George Parker
Co-Founder & CEO

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