How BMW Optimizes Its Workshop Customer Service With WhatsApp

When their vehicle is currently in the workshop, vehicle owners prefer to be informed about every step of process. Has the repair already started? Is something broken? Can the car already be picked up? These kinds of inquiries cause a hardly manageable service call volume, especially in large car dealerships. Together with MessengerPeople, BMW’s Munich headquarters is now breaking new ground: customers can conveniently request the repair status of their vehicle and further information via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s chatbot improves customer service in the workshop!

Everyday, 200 customers in Munich hand in their BMW for service maintenance – and often they like to call to inquire about the status of the car. They are always looking for answers to the same questions: Is the car ready to be picked up? Will the appointment still remain at the agreed time? “In order to relieve the burden on the customer advisors on site, we handled the incoming calls via a call centre,” says Albert Rösch, Head of Service Consulting at the Munich branch. This solution was not optimal!

With MessengerPeople, BMW integrated the corresponding service exclusively via WhatsApp. MessengerPeople offers companies a software to use messages via WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and Co. in a scalable and data protection-compliant way. If a customer enters the code word “Follow Now” in the chat with the garage, he immediately receives information about the status of his car.

And the results are impressive!

We receive about 3,800 requests from customers, of which we answer about 3,000 automatically,” says Albert Rösch and continues, “The callback requests have dropped by 60% and the recommendation rate has risen to 90%!

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