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We at MessengerPeople believe that customer communication via WhatsApp and other messaging apps is the future of marketing. That’s why we not only provide intuitive solutions for newsletter marketing, but also an easy-to-use Chatbot Builder, including pre-set templates that allow anyone to build successful, customizable Chatbots. More and more companies are offering individualized, interactive messenger services for their customers – and studies show that customers specifically want to get in contact with companies over messaging apps.

If you want to offer outstanding customer service – while unburdening your customer service staff and helping them become more efficient –   automated communication is the answer. That’s why we’ve gathered some best practices of award winning chatbots made by our customers, with our solution! Read about what works, why it works, and gather ideas for your next marketing projects.

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Chatbots in Marketing: Why, and Why Now?

Facebook has been the top dog of the social media world for a long time. The social site has become the measure of success in content distribution, because it has thus far been the only channel to really offer reach and conversion through traffic. In contrast, Instagram is a great platform for reach focused on engagement – especially for visual content – but hasn’t been used to sell products. (Editor’s note September 2018: things change – and Instagram is becoming a viable commercial platform. Whether it can compete with other channels in terms of conversions and user growth is yet to be seen.)

However, since the introduction of algorithms on most social media networks, there’s currently almost no organic reach on Facebook: you need to pay for it! Luckily, a more direct channel has emerged: one that offers 1:1 contact with customers, and which they’re already using on a daily basis for private communication. It’s time to harness the advantages of messaging apps like as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


If you’re able to communicate with your customers and subscribers over their most-used daily channel, and they can contact you day or night with just a quick message, you want to make sure you’re offering high quality service for this new step int he customer relationship. The potential is huge, which usually means that costs and effort are also pretty high – except if you use a Chatbot.

Studies show that 80 percent of customer questions are repeated, and could therefore easily be answered with an automated system, like a Chatbot. If the inquiry proves to complicated for the Chatbot, customer service staff can easily take over the conversation.

Whether it’s travel booking, dating, or recipesfor cooking and baking, there’s no limit to the possibilites that messaging app Chatbots hold. No wonder so many companies are thinking about or are already using a chatbot for their customer service.

With more than 1,400 customers, we get asked quite frequently about our Chatbot solutions. We’ve developed a Chatbot Builder with which companies, both big and small, can build their own successful chatbots.

Stats & Facts: MessengerPeople has helped to build almost 800 chatbots, generating 45 milion chatbot answers and 3,6 billion messages in 2017 alone! Our lighthouse campaigns include major clients such as Lufthansa Airlines, ProSiebenSat1 Media House or Sparkasse Credit Institute.

The Chatbot Builder supports data models, user profiles and characteristics, templates, a Quizbot, a preview function, and an analysis tool. This makes it easy to build Chatbots for standardized user requests (an FAQBot, if you will), as well as more complex Chatbots to serve a variety of needs.

Need an example?

We’ve summarized some of our most popular chatbot projects: from Disney, Lufthansa, and more. Get inspired.


Beauty and the Beast – Disney Chatbot for Movie Promotion


Raising awareness and selling tickets via Chatbot

For the launch of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Disney offered fans a new experience of buying movie tickets.  The Chatbot character is the chandelier Lumière, the beast’s enchanted servant. She guides the customer through process of buying the movie tickets and offers background information for the movie.


  • Promotion for the new Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” in Facebook Messenger
  • Selling movie tickets online


  • Users chat with the movie character Lumière
  • Lumière guides the Chatbot dialogue in order to find movie tickets for the users
  • Lumière asks for details about the date und location for the movie tickets
  • Based on the user answers, Lumière  finds suitable tickets for cinemas near the user’s location and forwards them to the online ticket shop


  • 933 users, 8,614 dialogues (average of 8,7 questions per user)
  • 530 clicks on ‘Buy Tickets’ (53% of all users!)
  • 2,266 clicks on ‘More Information’ (CTR 228%)


Sina the Travel Agent – HLX Touristik Chatbot

HLX bot hlx bot

Find your dream holiday in the easiest way possile with the travel agent from HLX


Sina, the TravelBot from HLX Touristik, helps users find the perfect vacation package by offering step-by-step guidance to find the right offer – all via Messenger!


  • Chatbot that guides a holiday booking process
  • Searches through the offers database to find the most suitable holiday package


  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot ‘Sina‘ asks the users several questions to find out what kind of holidy they’d like to book
  • Asks for travel destination, point of departure, and how long the trip should be
  • Is able to process keywords like ‘all inclusive‘ or ‘hotels close to the beach‘
  • Delivers proposals in carousel view, based on HLX database search
  • Forwards the user to the booking page on the HLX website


  • At this time, we haven’t received result statistics from the client

Learn more about marketing strategies for the travel industry and how to use WhatsApp, Messenger and Chatbots for travel booking: Messenger Marketing, WhatsApp and Chatbots in tourism

What’sMeBot – Chatbot by the German Federal Emplyoment Agency


Career counselling – but make it fun!

The German Federal Employment Agency developed this innovative Chatbot to offer users a gamification introduction possible career options with influencers like German YouTube Star Julien Bam.


  • Project run by the German Federal Employment Agency
  • Target group: students exploring possible future careers
  • Promoted by You Tuber Julien Bam


  • Chatbot asks students 8 questions about their everyday lives
  • Based on their answers, users receive a profile with their personality and initial career recommendations.
  • User are forwarded to a website where they receive concrete proposals of suitable apprenticeship or study programs


  • 10,773,094 chats handled by the Chatbot in total
  • 194,328 active users

Lovie Award – Gold winner for ‘Education and Discovery’
MAX award – Bronze winner
– Bronze winner in the categories “Digital Media, Social Media & Network”, Honorable Mention in the category “Innovative Use of Digital Media”


FanTrip – Chatbot by Lufthansa and Football Team FC Bayern


Lufthansa and FC Bayern explore new ways of fan communication and brand promotion. 

Fans of the soccer Club FC Bayern can win a trip – sponsored by Lufthansa Airlines –  to meet their idols in Munich! And all with the help of the FanTrip Chatbot. In order to win, the user has to prove him- or herself a true fan and answer a series of questions about the soccer club. At the end, the user has to explain why he or she is the biggest FC Bayern fan, and hope that their creativity can win a plane ticket.


  • Community campaign by Lufthansa and Bayern Munich
  • Fans from the United States can win trips to Munich and meet the players


  • Chatbot poses quiz questions about the FC Bayern, which the fans have to answer correctly
  • At the end, the Chatbot asks why this particular user deserves the trip, and encourages users to answer creatively
  • At the end, each user gets to watch a personalized video, showign the potential fan trip
  • GIFs of players encourage fans during the quiz


  • 159,238 Chatbot answers in total

More insights, advanced tips and case studies for Messenger Marketing in the sports industry can be found here: Chatbots in the national league?!

Weather Bot by WetterOnline

weather bot















Automated weather alerts in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Through a guided dialogue with the Chatbot, the user can set up daily weather forecasts to receive directly on his or her mobile phone. Time and date can be customized in the Chatbot conversation.



  • WetterOnline, a German weather station, offers customers daily weather alerts in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
  • Additional services like weather warnings are sent through messenger newsletters and alerts


  • Chatbot asks the user for the time and location, and saves this information
  • Chatbot recognizes user input and can ask appropriate followup questions
  • User sets up when to receive daily weather alerts and begins receiving local weather updates directly in WhatsApp and/or Facebook Messenger
  • Links are provided to the website in case users want to view the full forecast


  • 23.7 million Chats in total
  • 23.5 million Chatbot answers
  • 109,431 users


RanChecker – the Chatbot by for the European Championship 2016

sport clubs devices

To increase brand awareness, sports streaming service Ran offered an entertainment Chatbot to celebrate the 2016 the World Championship 2016.


  • Ran is a streaming service for sports and wanted to stand out during the European Championship


  • Users could pose questions to the Bot, which had a Natural Language Processing-based database and could recognize the various input
  • Chatbot answered question about the teams, players, matches etc.
  • Reacted in a charming and personable way to subjective questions like ‘which team will win?’


  • 40 questions on average per user
  • Approx. 23,000 different questions asked
  • Top engagement and high CTR (22% on average)
  • Top 20 questions constituted 80% of all requests

Gift Bot Sainta by Saint Elmo’s – the Holy-Shit-Bot


  • Saint Elmo’s agency created a funny, casual Chatbot to suggest unusual presents for users shopping for gifts


  • Chatbot asks the user who the gift is for
  • User can choose between the categories ‘men, women, friends, kids or grandparents’
  • Chatbot suggests gifts that match the selected category  and the user can rate these suggestions as “shit” or “buy it on a website”
  • Chatbot provides links to online shops where presents could be bought


  • At this time, we haven’t received result statistics from the client



Xing Job Bot

Business social network Xing offered the opportunity to find the right job over a Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Applicants benefitted from a customizable, personal job search, with alert functions. Companies were offered the opportunity to contact applicants directly in Facebook Messenger.


  • Xing wanted to send job openings in alert form over Facebook Messenger, supporting users’ job searches


  • Personalized job alerts once a week based on the user’s Xing profile
  • Provides tips on the application process, job interviews, etc.
  • Users could search for jobs in the messaging app by entering questions, for example ‘marketing jobs in Munich’


  • 4,302 Chatbot answers in total
  • 1,457 users


All Chatbot examples above were created with the MessengerPeople solution.

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