Apple Business Chat

MessengerPeople’s Messenger Communication Platform helps your business provide intuitive, efficient customer service – and now officially supports Apple Business Chat.

Apple Business Chat is a new, innovative opportunity for your customers to contact your company 1:1 over iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

With Apple Business Chat your customers can chat directly with you, set up appointments, or process payments via Apple Pay.

Why Apple Business Chat?

Reach and Popularity

Reach and Popularity

Millions of Apple Fans and iOS Users worldwide.

Easily Accessible

Easily Accessible

Customers can start Apple Business Chat directly from their iOS devices and can find your business over Safari, Maps, Search, and Siri.

Direct Sale Options

Direct Sale Options

Customers can order items in Apple Business Chat – and directly pay with Apple Pay.



Apple places an extremely strong focus on data protection.

Apple Business Chat Features

Apple Pay

Map the entire customer journey in the Messages App, from consulting to purchase and payment.


The login for authentication is directly integrated into the Messages App.


Set up appointments and deliveries with your customers over the calendar feature.


Present your customers a range of various products and options.

Smart Answers

When you ask your customer for their telephone number, address, location, or email address, the QuickType keyboard gives them predictive suggestions.

Your MessengerPeople Solution for Apple Business Chat

With the Messenger Communication Platform you can manage your Apple Business Chat customer communication professionally, efficiently, and in full compliance with data protection regulations.

Intuitive Ticket System

Modern ticket system with simple ticket assignment per Drag & Drop or Autorouting.


Your support employees work in defined roles as well as efficiently together as a team.


Become more efficient with pre-defined answers.

Chatbot Builder

Create Chatbots to support your customer service – without any programming background knowledge.

Unified Messenger Solution

Offer customer service over a variety of messaging apps simultaneously (WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber) and manage customer messages centrally on our platform.

Learn how to use Apple Business Chat with the MessengerPeople solution. Contact us.