Advantages and disadvantages of the WhatsApp Business App!

In 2018, WhatsApp launched its first business solution, opening up the use of WhatsApp to businesses. According to WhatsApp, more than five million small businesses worldwide now avail of the advantages of the WhatsApp Business app. However, German companies should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and rather rely on the DSGVO-compliant WhatsApp Business API!

In the article you will learn:

We all know the “WhatsApp App” from private communication. In the business and enterprise sector, there are two official solutions from WhatsApp:

A) WhatsApp Business App: For small businesses of up to about 5 employees, free but DSGVO problematic.

B) WhatsApp Business API: Privacy-compliant software solution from official WhatsApp Business Solution Providers.

Advantages of the WhatsApp Business App

The first WhatsApp Business solution is a free app designed specifically for small business owners. It enables quick and easy customer communication. Technically, the WhatsApp Business app is not much different from the consumer version. The app is simply installed on the smartphone and then a company profile can be created.

WhatsApp Business App can be a start – but not a professional solution for companies!

There is no denying that WhatsApp Business App offers added value and benefits for small businesses. For cafés, florists, consultants or trainers, it is an (almost) perfect solution. If you have a maximum of five employees, can ignore the disadvantage of “data protection” and want to use WhatsApp for business for free, you are well served with the WhatsApp Business App!

WhatsApp Business features such as product catalog creation, labels, quick replies, and away and welcome messages make it easier for businesses to communicate with customers.


⛔ Disadvantage
WhatsApp Business App is not GDPR compliant!

4 reasons why the WhatsApp business app is not suitable for companies

1. WhatsApp Business App is not GDPR compliant!

Like the private WhatsApp app, the WhatsApp Business app accesses and processes data in the phone book. In addition, chats run via US servers, metadata is exchanged, and a few more things that are not easily compatible with German data protection!

The State Commissioner for Data Protection Lower Saxony has already publicly emphasized on several occasions that the use of WhatsApp by companies for business communication violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Source: Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz Niedersachsen

Numerous companies start with the WhatsApp business app, but then quickly reach their limits when using it: The topic of GDPR is usually reason number one:

During the test, the WhatsApp business app neither withstood our demand for DSGVO compliance, nor did the app represent a viable solution in day-to-day business, as it cannot be used by several employees at the same time.

Dr. Michael Schreier, Managing Director of Wehlage & Kollegen Insolvenzverwalter GmbH

2. No longer practical with more than 5 employees

Customer communication is usually not the responsibility of just one person in the company. With WhatsApp Business, however, only one employee can answer incoming inquiries and only if that person has the smartphone. This is not only problematic in times of remote working, but also when several colleagues, at different locations, e.g. several branch locations, are to work with it.

In addition, the number and/or type of requests can be so large that it can no longer to be handled by just one person. This is exactly what happened at the medium-sized marketing agency I love DESIGN:

We started with the WhatsApp business app and every employee had the ‘WhatsApp phone’ once a day. At some point we had so many requests that the system didn’t work like that anymore and we were looking for a scalable solution.

Tim Bünger, Founder and Managing Director of I love DESIGN

3. No API interfaces with existing CRM systems

Even small and medium-sized companies want to offer their customers smooth and quick, target-oriented communication. This includes always knowing what the last point of conversation was. Additionally, that may well have been a telephone call or an e-mail. Today, almost every company has a CRM system to keep track of this. The WhatsApp business app does not enable an interface here, so customer communication remains completely isolated on the smartphone.

4. Limited automation options

Our WhatsApp chatbot already answers at least half of the incoming requests and our customers are happy with it.

Matthias Leibitz, CEO & Co-Founder of T1TAN

The potential of WhatsApp chatbots and simple automation on WhatsApp is not even remotely possible with the WhatsApp Business App. Today, WhatsApp chatbots can be set up very easily and without programming knowledge and answer up to 80% of repetitive questions in an automated way.

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WhatsApp Business API & MessengerPeople: The secure, scalable and professional solution!

MessengerPeople’s solution is 100% GDPR compliant, as no data is transferred to WhatsApp.

Lawyer Dr. Carsten Ulbricht

Companies for whom scalability, GDPR compliance and professional implementation of WhatsApp in their entire customer communication is important should take a look at the official WhatsApp Business API. Advantage: WhatsApp can be used in a truly 100% GDPR-compliant manner and there is significantly more scope to professionally and efficiently map customer communication from marketing to customer service and consulting to sales.

We chose the software solution from MessengerPeople because it is 100% GDPR compliant. In addition, we very much appreciate the possibility of ticket assignment and the simple receipt and uncomplicated further processing of documents and image files.

Dr. Michael Schreier, Managing Director of Wehlage & Kollegen Insolvenzverwalter GmbH

Three companies that have switched from the WhatsApp Business app to the WhatsApp Business API!

Switching to MessengerPeople is very quick and easy:

  • The existing phone number can be migrated
  • Existing chats and customers are retained
  • No high demands on technology and IT
  • Comprehensive onboarding and personal support by the MessengerPeople team

1) The online paints retailer “MissPompadour”:

The customer requests were soon no longer manageable with the private WhatsApp on the cell phone. Since the WhatsApp business app could not meet the requirements of a professional company either, MissPompadour swiftly and easily moved to MessengerPeople.

MP Zitat MissPompadour, Erik Reintjes, Schneller Einstieg



2) The affiliate platform for influencers Stylink:

They needed a scalable solution with interface to CRM system, chatbot and WhatsApp notification!


3) The marketing agency I love DESIGN

At first, they had mapped the WhatsApp service via the WhatsApp Business App and every employee had the ‘WhatsApp phone’ once a day. At some point, however, the agency had so many requests that the system no longer worked like that and they needed a scalable solution.

Successfully use the WhatsApp Business API with MessengerPeople software

Unlike the app, the API is not free and companies need WhatsApp Business Solution Providers such as MessengerPeople to get access to the API interface. The Messenger Communication Platform software solution, which MessengerPeople offers as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider with the API interface, dissolves the limitations of the WhatsApp Business App.

Such solutions have the advantage that, for example, several employees can work independently but also collaboratively with WhatsApp. Through chatbot configuration kits and various other features – which are known from classic ticket systems – WhatsApp communication can once again be significantly professionalized and thus customer satisfaction can be increased, in turn increasing sales as well as the awareness of your brand.

The Messenger Communication Platform is very easy to use. The system is virtually self-explanatory – with an interface that you can quickly see through.

Harald Goßler, Head of Customer Services at Hessnatur

With our Messenger Communication Platform, we offer the first professional and privacy-compliant ticket system specifically for customer communication via WhatsApp. Our software solution is connected to the official WhatsApp Business API and enables professional and scalable customer communication. Here you can get a first impression of our product.

Comparing WhatsApp Business solutions: App vs. Business APP vs. API (Infographic)



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